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 Solo Horton Stencil Brush

171 Stencil Brush

Clear lacquered handle with seamless ferrule and beaded lip. For stencil, stippling, or gluing. 1¼"

$8.45 each

 Solo Horton Acid Brush

P14 Acid Brush

White wood handle with black horsehair bristle. Metal ferrule

$ .25 each

 Solo Horton Fine Flat White Brush

1050 Fine Flat White Brush

An industry favorite.Clear lacquered handle with aluminum ferrule. Solvent resistant. Size 2

$1.75 each

Cambridge Camel Artist Brush

$ .55 each

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Preval Spray System

Preval Spray System, complete

Preval Power Unit, 3.3 oz

Preval Jar Reservoir

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 Z-Pro 603 Red Sable

603 Red Sable

Three round


 Image Not Available

10104 Sable & Bristle Artist

One round, three flat


 Z-Pro Camel Hobby & Craft

10105 Camel Hobby & Craft

Two round, three flat


 Z-Pro Flat Ox Hair

10106 Flat Ox Hair

Three flat


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Shur-Line Touch Up Roller

1500 Disposable Handi Painter

3000 3" Roller and Tray
Short nap for smooth results. Great for window splashes and fill in for large lettering.
$2.20 each
$18 (10)

3100 3" Roller Cover
Package of two
$2 each
$17 (10)


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