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Poster Colors

Fast drying, oil-based flat finish enamel. Seals porous surfaces, will not wrinkle paper/card stock, low glare. For paper/card stock, muslin, stretched canvas, wood, metal, glass. Color chart HERE

1/2 Pint






Available Colors
3000 White
3002 Chrome Yellow
3005 Bright Red
3006 Magenta
3007 Purple
3008 Dark Blue*
3016 Ultra Blue

* discontinued remaining stock only

Fluorescent Colors

Semi-transparent, high intensity, UV reactive. Oil-based flat finish with sparkling clarity. Apply over white base for most brilliance. Color chart HERE







Available Colors
200-F Chartreuse
201-F Yellow Orange
202-F Orange
203-F Red Orange
204-F Red
205-F Cerise*
206-F Pink
207-F Magenta*
208-F Blue
209-F Green
220-F UV Topcoat Clear

* discontinued remaining stock only



4003 1 Shot® Clear

An oil-based clear finish, essentially clear lettering enamel. For topcoating surface gilds and mixing with other 1 Shot® products to create translucent and transparent glazes, washes, and shading mediums. Can also be used to restore older signs originally painted in 1 Shot®.


4005 Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear

A fast drying clear gloss topcoat designed to resist color fade, UV depletion, and mild abrasion.

Quart Gallon Aerosol
$34.75 $104.95 $11.65


4016/4020 Anti-Graffiti Gloss Kit

A two-component clear topcoat with exceptional exterior durability and solvent resistance. Mix 1:1 and use over 1 Shot catalyzed with 4007 Hardener.


Other Products

4001 Tinting Black for mixing

Designed as a tinting agent to darken colors without muddying. Can be used with 1-Shot® White to create gray values.

1/2 Pint Quart
$13.50 $34.95

4004 Brush Cleaner & Conditioner

A premium brush cleaner designed to thoroughly clean oil based paints from quality brushes without damaging the hair.


4007 Hardener

Designed to accelerate drying time. Can also improve adhesion, extend color life, and increase gloss retention. Required with use of any topciats.


4008 Fast Dry Gold Size

Exceptional self-leveling and fast setting size for gilding. Designed to retain elasticity. Engine turning and burnishing can usually be done up to five hours after gilding.

1/2 Pint

ZZ6000 Chromaflo Flow Enhancer

Designed as a flow enhancing additive for brush applications. Not to be mistaken as a reducer, Chromaflo will increase brush control, decrease drag and enhance flow. Works great for lettering and pinstriping.


ZZ6001 Low Temp Reducer

Formulated to inprove flow and leveling at low temperatures. Reduces viscosity and accelerates evaporation. Ideal for spray and air brush application.


ZZ6002 High Temp Reducer

Formulated to improve flow and leveling at high temperatures. Reduces viscosity and retards the evaporation process.


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