Extreme Wrap Magnets

PCSS wrap magnet

• Make applying vinyl and wraps easier
• Holding power up to 25 pounds
• Soft rubber coating will not harm graphics
• Bright neon colors make them easy to locate
• Use in place of masking tape to position graphics

Set of six knobs – $39.95
Set of six bars with magnetic shields – $29.95

bar magnet



       RollePro side view     RollePro angle view

 Roll over rivets and countours in seconds!

  • Up to 50% faster
  • Ergonomic design
  • Heat resistant wheel


Contour Trimming Tape

With the Knifeless Finish Line Tape, just pull the tape and get a nice clean cut edge. There is no way of ruining the vehicle. There are no cut marks if the wrap is pulled off. Perfect for door handles, mirrors, window trim, head/tail lights, wheel wells, etc. Vehicle and boat wrap cutting has never been easier!

Knifeless Tech Systems logo

knifeless finish line tape

  • Can be used for most wrap applications
  • Conforms around bumpers, door handles, mirrors, etc.
  • 1/8" x 164' roll


Tool Holders

 Graphics Tool Belt

tool belt



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