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Mack Sword

Sword Series 20

Squirrel hair stripers are lacquer and enamel resistant. Excellent for auto body touch-up and pinstriping.

Size Price
00 $8.65
0 $9.15
Sword Series 10

100% unmixed blue squirrel hair striper is hand crafted and shaped as it was many years ago. Tied with blue thread.

Size Price
00 $12.75
0 $13.25
1 $13.75
2 $14.60
3 $15.40

Mack Mach One 1010

Mach One 1010 Sword

This is a remake of the original popular Grumbacher 1010 sword.

Size Price
00 $14.25
0 $15.95

Mack Lite

Mack Lite

The new striper with less belly. Made with kazan squirrel hair and bound with a brass ferrule.

Size Price
00 $17.35
0 $17.95
1 $18.60

Mack XCaliber 6


This brush's special short hair length allows greater control for intricate designs and long lines. Each brush packed in its own tube.

Size Price
000 $14.95
00 $16.40
0 $16.85

Bobbo Super Quad

Bobbo-Mack Super Quad

This 4-purpose brush has fine blue squirrel & black synthetic hair. For scrolling, short stripes, small signatures and script lettering.

Size Price
0 $8.95

Mack The Virus

The Virus

For scrolling and script, The Virus is a specially blended golden taklon. It has a long quill-like handle with metal ferrule.

Size Price
1 $4.95
2 $5.75

Alan Johnson Signature

Alan Johnson Signature

Pinstriper Alan Johnson uses this brush to sign his work. A must for stick men. Made of special taklon with extra long length. It is a liner style with long quill-like handle and metal ferrule.

Size Price
0000 $3.75
00 $3.95

Mack Swirly-Q

Jensen's Swirly-Q

Designed for scroll striping and script lettering with enamel based paints. It has a long quill-like handle with metal ferrule.

Size Price
1 $6.25
2 $6.60

Mack Capsule Striper

Mack Capsule Striper

This travelling capsule striper is made of 100% blue squirrel and easily tucked into a pocket for stripers on the go. 1" hair length with extremely small belly.

Size Price
1 $15.30
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Kafka Longliner

Kafka Longliner

A design of synthetic and natural fibers enhances the flow of palleted paints with great control and length of line.

Size Price
000  $15.75
00  $15.75
0  $15.75
1  $15.75

Kafka Scroller

Kafka Scroller

These brushes turn corners with ease, and flow striping enamels like no other brushes. They are extremely versatile and best used between 55 and 80 degrees to the surface of the work. 

Size Price
0 $12.65
1 $12.65
3 $12.75
da Vinci Logo

DaVinci 700 Series

700 Series

Formally Cosmos, this brush is made of pure Kazan squirrel hair with the traditional extra short handle.

Size Price
0  $20.85
1  $23.65

Big Daddy Roth

Big Daddy Roth

Big Daddy Roth

This special pinstriping brush is made to duplicate the old white elephant brushes Ed made in the 80s and 90s.

Size Price
00  $13.90
0  $14.35

Germany Sword

Germany Sword 2223

Pure squirrel hair in lacquer resistant setting with brass wound ferrule. German craftsmanship.

Size Price
00 $12.90
0 $14.35
1 $14.95
3 $15.88
4 $17.45
Wipe Out Tool
Wipe Out Tool

Pull or push the paint away on smooth surfaces to make a perfect edge or corner


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