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Roland Wiper
Felt 2-Color Wiper

The wiper cleans the sides of your printer’s print head and eliminates excess ink build up. Use with models BN-20, VS series, VSi series, RT-640, RE-640, RF-640, EJ-640, XT-640, XR-640, and XF-640.

Stock# 1000014399

Roland Wiper Scraper
Wiper Scraper

The wiper scraper is used to clean off excess build up on the wipers of your Roland printer. For Roland SolJET PRO III XC-540.

Stock# 1000001658

Roland 8-Color Wiper
8-Color Wiper

Stock# 1000006736
   Felt   $14.95

Stock# 1000006517
   Rubber   $25.75

8-Color Wiper Scraper
8-Color Wiper Scraper

Stock# 1000006757

Roland 8-Color Head Cap
8-Color Head Cap

Stock# 6702029010

Roland 8-Color Damper
8-Color Damper

Stock# 1000013784

VersaCamm Damper
VersaCamm Damper

Stock# 6081181200

Roland Pro III Damper
Pro III Damper

Stock# 6085393800

Roland Serge Mist Pad
Serge Mist Pad

Large (Pro, 8-Color)
Stock# 1000000415

Small (4-Color)
Stock# 1000000416


Roland T Under Mist Pad XC
T Under Mist Pad XC

The mist wick, located under the mist pad, absorbs excess ink from the mist pad and channels it to the drain bottle. It is recommended that each time the mist pad is replaced to replace the mist wick also.

Stock# 22275122

Roland BN-20 Waste Tank
BN-20 Waste Tank

Replacement Ink Waste Cartridge for the BN-20.  Assembly complete with cartridge and drain pad that makes emptying your waste liquid a simple three step process.

Stock# 1000007723

Roland Blade Holder
Blade Holder

Standard performance blade holder with an adjustable tip and black plastic housing.

Stock# XD-CH3

Roland S Cap
S Cap

Stock# 1000004546

Roland Pinch Rollers
Pinch Rollers

Pinch rollers are positioned over grit rollers to assist in moving media forward and backward across the platen.

$113 OEM pair outer wheels
$50 OEM each inner wheels
$46 compatible pair

Media Clamp
Media Clamps

Short Clamp with Base
Right Stock# 22055694
Left Stock# 22055692

Medium Clamp with Base
Right Stock# 22055693
Left Stock# 22055691

Long Clamp with Base
Right Stock# 1000001524
Left Stock# 1000001523

Base Only
Stock# 1000015117

VG Clamp with Base
Right Stock# 6000002568
Left Stock# 6000002569

SG Clamp with Base
Right Stock# 6000002862
Left Stock# 6000002863


Media Holder Thumb Screw
Media Holder Thumb Screw

Stock# US-thumbscrew

Roland Media Flange
Media Flange

The flange guide is used to hold media on the feed roller up to 110 lb. (50 kg) on a standard 3" core. This part is compatible with all roll-to-roll Roland inkjet printers and GX-24 and GX Pro Series vinyl cutters. Sold as a single unit but two units are needed to support a roll of media.

Stock# 1000003083
$36.20 each

OLFA Sheet Cut Blades
OLFA Sheet Cut Blades

Fits OLFA® AK-1 and AK-4 art knives. Pack of 25.

Stock# KB



Other Parts



LEC2 damper
Stock# 1000013784


LEC2 cap top
Stock# 6000005294


DX-4 Manifold


2c DX-4 Head

$939 gold head

8c DX-7 Head

$2699 gold head

2c TVis Head


TVis Head Wiper
Stock# 1000014754


TVis Wiper Pad
Stock# 1000014464


TVis Captop
Stock# 6000002332


TVis Damper
Stock #1000023190



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