Eco-Solvent Inks

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Roland Eco-Sol MAX®
Roland Eco-Sol MAX®

220 ml, $81.95

Item Color
ESL3-CY Cyan
ESL3-MG Magenta
ESL3-YE Yellow
ESL3-BK Black
ESL3-LC Light Cyan
ESL3-LM Light Magenta
ESL3-MT Silver $229.95

440 ml, $144.95 each/$138.95 each 4+

Item Color
ESL3-4CY Cyan
ESL3-4MG Magenta
ESL3-4YE Yellow
ESL3-4BK Black
ESL3-4LC Light Cyan
ESL3-4LM Light Magenta

MAX to MAX2 White Ink Conversion

Roland Eco-Sol MAX2®
Roland Eco-Sol MAX2®

440 ml, $144.95 each/$138.95 each 4+

Item Color
ESL4-4CY  Cyan
ESL4-4MG  Magenta
ESL4-4YE  Yellow
ESL4-4BK  Black
ESL4-4LC  Lt Cyan
ESL4-4LM  Lt Magenta 
ESL4-4LB  Lt Black
ESL4-WH 220 ml  White $113.95/$108.95 (4+)
ESL4-MT 220 ml  Silver $242.95


Roland TrueVIS™

500 ml, $117.95 each/$110.95 each 4+

Item Color
TR2-CY  Cyan
TR2-MG  Magenta
TR2-YE  Yellow
TR2-BK  Black
TR2-LC  Lt Cyan
TR2-LM  Lt Magenta 
TR2-LB  Lt Black
TR2-OR  Orange $151.95/$142.95
TR2-WH  White 250ml $80.95/$75.95
 White 500ml $144.95/$139.95
TR2-CL  Cleaning $53.95/$50.95


Roland ECO-UV®
Roland ECO-UV®

220ml, $100.95

Item Color
EUV-MG Magenta
EUV-YE Yellow
EUV-BK Black
EUV-GL Gloss
EUV-WH White
EUV-PR Primer


Roland EUV4®
Roland EUV4® 220 ml

220ml, $99.95

Item Color
EUV4-WH White
EUV4-GL Gloss


500 ml, $163.95

Item Color
EUV4-CY Cyan
EUV4-MG Magenta
EUV4-YE Yellow
EUV4-BK Black


NEW! Roland EUV5®
Roland EUV4® 220 ml 8

220ml, $67.95

Item Color
EUV4-WH White


500 ml, $125.95

Item Color
EUV5-CY Cyan
EUV5-MG Magenta
EUV5-YE Yellow
EUV5-BK Black
EUV5-OR Orange
EUV5-GL Gloss
EUV5-5PR Primer $126.95
Roland V-BOND UV Inks
Image not available

220 ml, $55.95 each

Item Color
S-UV-CY  Cyan
S-UV-MG  Magenta
S-UV-YE  Yellow
S-UV-BK  Black
S-UV-GL  Gloss
S-UV-WH  White


Roland Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning Swab

Cleaning Swabs (50)

Roland Cleaning Solvent Cartridge

Roland Cleaning Solvent (SL-CL)
220 ml cartridge

Roland Eco-Sol Cleaner

Eco-Sol MAX® Cleaning solvent (ESL4-SL MAX2)
220 ml cartridge


Universal Solvent/UV Cleaning Fluid
500ml bottle

Bordeaux™ Inks and Supplies
Bordeaux™ Logo

Bordeaux's EcoSolvent ink protects the work environment by replacing toxic chemicals with
the safest possible organic solvents, ensuring
print operators' safety and protecting the environment.

The specially formulated non-corrosive
materials increase printheads' lifespan and offer
adhesion to uncoated media comparable with
real-solvent inks. Bordeaux's EcoSolvent ink can
print on any substrate. Bordeaux's EcoSolvent inks are a direct replacement for Roland® Ecosolvent inks.

EcoSol MAX = NR4
EcoSol MAX² = PR4




ECO 440
   NR4 & PR4

440 ml cartridge


   NR4 & PR4

1 liter bulk


440 ml refillable cartridge

$25 ea/4+

220 ml flush cartridge


1 liter flush



440 ml Roland® Max2 type


Bordeaux™ HF Plasma Inks

Bordeaux HF Plasma Ink

Created for HP Scitex FB UV Printers FB500/550/700/750 models. Fully Mix & Match, replace as needed. No need for re-profiling or flushing with excellent print quality.

CMYK, LC, LM - 3 liter boxes
$295 each


Roland® may deny a claim during the standard warranty period if a component failed resulting from the use of third party ink, including excess ink coating circuit boards. Second year and extended coverage is contingent on the use of Roland® inks.

Please call us concerning any issues!
503.232.8535 or 800.752.0028

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