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The TrueVIS Value-Up Program

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Upgrade the Ink, Capabilities, and Cutting Power of Your VG or SG

The multi-award-winning TrueVIS brand continues to evolve and improve— offering you with next level color reproduction, image quality, cutting efficiency, and media versatility. The value-up program provides an essential upgrade to the firmware on your TrueVIS VG series printer/cutter or SG series printer/cutter. This will make it compatible with the latest TR2 inks, print/cut functionalities, True Rich Color enhancements and other new generation improvements. Learn More

TR2 Ink Advantages

 • wider color gamut
 • 47% less ink flushed in cleaning routine
 • longer UV life
 • faster drying
 • shorter delay between printing and laminating
 • same price as TR ink
 • TR2 ink certifies your print results on 3M & Avery media
 • VG firmware upgrade during TR to TR2 process adds new features

Complete your TR2 upgrade with PCSS and
receive 25% off your first set of TR2 ink!


First generation TrueVIS owners should be aware that Roland is discontinuing TR INK by February 1, 2021. This means that you will need to upgrade sooner rather than later to make the necessary switch to superior TR2 inks and improved machine performance.

In addition to quality improvements, VG and SG customers should also note that TR2 ink cost is the same cost per ml as TR (TrueVIS INK) while running cost is lower due to optimized cleaning cycles when using new TR2.

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