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Paint pen with 1-shot UV Clear. Edge sealer for SignGold or any adhesive-backed vinyls.

$10.35 each

3M™ Scotchcal®
Vinyl Edge Sealer

3950 Scotchcal® Edge Seal for adhesive-backed vinyls.

8 oz

Frog Juice Clear UV
Frog Juice Clear UV

Frog Juice is very glossy, totally synthetic, and will not yellow. It achieves maximum hardness slowly over a period of 30 days, but is ready to handle and place outdoors within 30 minutes.

Frog Juice is normally thinned with mineral spirits, but can also be thinned with naptha, automotive acrylic enamel reducers, and lacquer thinners. Hot thinners can cause problems without proper testing.

7000 Sunscreen Clear

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Pro-Teck AQ Water-Based Liquid Laminate

Cost effective solution for image enhancement and protection compared to film laminates. Protects graphics from UV and visible light degradation, oxidation, moisture, and temperature extremes, as well as resisting abrasion while maintaining the flexibility of the media. Enhances the color density and improves color contrast. Delivers a smoother finish, improves adhesion properties to substrates. Easily applied by machine or manually.

Finish Liter 4-Liter 20-Liter

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