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Primer, Stain, Bonding

SignLife Ultra Bond

Ultra Bond

All weather wood glue. One-part glue allows secondary operations after only 45 minutes of clamp time.

Quart   $14.25
Gallon  $41.90

SignLife First Step

First Step

Clear bonding primer. Apply before sandblast stencil. Paint surface to be protected, apply stencil and blast. Stain before removing stencil.

Quart   $19.70
Gallon  $56.90

SignLife Stain


Semi-transparent. SignLIFE's unique blend of oxides, pigments and fungicides assure you of toal color retention, and longer life than other stains. May be used on all types of wood. (colors)

Quart   $18.80
Gallon  $53.95

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Pacific Coast Sign Supply® provides quality sign supplies, industrial finishes, and custom-filled aerosols for the sign making industry.

For more than fifty years, the product lines and support we offer continue to best meet the needs of our customers.

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